Palmistry by Myrna Lou
Business Company

Palmistry Q & A
Do you recommend I job-hunt now?
Being alert to opportunities in the business world are always options. If an individual is happy with the job and the people they work with there is no reason to run scared and job-hunt. But an up-to-date resume is a tool one should keep on the back burner for the day they might need it. I tell clients to keep their eyes and ears open, not be become oblivious to change in the workplace.  A person is usually instinctive when it is time to think about moving on to another company.
Am I a creative thinker?
The palm shows imagination, creative thought processing, ability to project into the future and if a person is a visionary or not. 
A person who is a dreamer can be noted by looking at the fingers when thrown down on a table.  If there is a raised area under the baby finger that person has a wonderful command of the human language and can express well, either verbally or non-verbally. A "V" or fork at the end of the Life Line also tells me if that person has the above mentioned abilities. 
Will I get that new Home, car or vacation this year?
A palm shows wealth and happiness, low periods in a person's life with troubled times and trapped feelings.  It does not show IF that person will get the material things they desire.  The will and need must be present for the changes necessary to make one's wishes come true. If a person set a goal and worked toward it they could accomplish the purchase of a new home, a car or a planned vacation.