Palmistry by Myrna Lou
Business Company

Radio, TV Guest Appearances, Lectures, Interviews

WOUB Radio  Athens OH (Host 3 shows)
WING Radio  Dayton OH
KTLK Radio Peter Boyles Show  Denver CO
KHOW Radio Show with Peter Boyles  Denver CO (3x)
KHOW Radio Show with Reggie Rivers  Denver CO (2x)
WVKS Radio  Toledo OH
WLVL Radio  Lockport NY
WION Radio  Iona MI
KBVI Radio Linda’s AM Show  Boulder CO  (3x)
Mystical Insights TV Show with Patrisha Richardson  Thornton CO  (6x)       
KTFR TRI 102 Morning Radio Show  Windsor CO
WTRY Radio  Albany NY
92 PRO Radio  E. Providence RH
WGCH Radio  Greenwich CT
KCOL Radio “Lights On” with Nancy Lee  Ft. Collins CO (2x)
WHAS Radio  Louisville KY
KDVR TV  Ch 31  Denver CO
KKMG Radio  Colorado Springs CO
KWAB Radio  Colorado Springs CO            
KXCI Radio John Freedom Show  Tucson AZ                                  
Golden Words TV Show with Phyllis Golden  Tucson AZ              
KSDO Radio  San Diego CA             
DCTV Cable Television   Denver CO
CATV Cable Television  Boulder CO
KVUC Radio University of Colorado  Boulder CO
KLZ 560 Radio  Salt Lake City UT
Isle of Light Radio Show  Buffalo NY             
Linda Mc Kenzie Radio Show  San Diego CA
KLAY Radio with Donna Seebo Show  Tacoma WA
KNNU 1150 Radio with  Donna Seebo Show Tacoma WA  Los Angeles CA
Joyce Graham's Radio Show  Loveland CO
Jewel's Way Radio Show  Ft Lauderdale Florida
Jawbone Radio Show  Cleveland OH
Whole Life Pages Radio Show  Phoenix AZ (2x)
KHOW Radio Contest “Who Wants To Be A Talk Show Host”  Denver CO
Nothing Sacred TV Show with Randy  Louisville CO
Writers in the Sky with Yvonne Perry  TN
Universal Spiritualist Radio Show  Phoenix, AZ (4x)
Things That Matter Radio Show with Phil Harris   Maine
Wellness Road Radio Show with Catherine  TN
You Are What You Love Radio Show with Valisalia   MD
Good Morning Sacramento TV Show  Sacramento CA
Channel 31 News 10:00 o'clock PM  Sacramento CA
Good Morning Vail TV Show  Avon CO (2x)
Public Radio of the Internet PIVTR with Janet Elaine
Faith Ranoli’s Heart and Home Radio Show  Littleton CO
Ryan Lindsey’s Radio Show  CT (2x)
WnbWest Author’s Radio Show  AZ
Amerika Now Radio Show with Barbara Adams  Ft Collins CO  AZ
Castle Rock Radio with Greg Gieson  Castle Rock CO (2x)
Greg Gieson’s Radio Show  Denver CO
Lori Finnala's Radio Show
B J King's Radio Show
Lady Fontaine's Radio Show
Sandee Scarlotta's Radio Show
WBLQ Sue London's Radio Show Get Inspired  Canada (2x)
Angie Anderson's Radio Show Life Improvement
KUSA TV Ch 9 with Kirk Montgomery  Denver CO
CBS Radio "Visions" with Barbara Mackey  NJ (4x)
Healing Powers TV Show with Laura Powers  Lafayette CO
WILP Radio Show The Mothership Connection  IL
Times Call Newspaper  Longmont CO (6x)
Denver Post Newspaper  Denver CO (3x)
Mountain Tribune Newspaper  Conifer CO
Daily Camera Newspaper  Boulder CO (5x)
Boulder Camera Sunday Newspaper  Boulder CO (2x)
Evergreen Newspaper  Evergreen CO
Louisville Times Newspaper  Louisville CO
Feed the Soul Radio Show with Irma Hagitth   Canada   
Dave The Mystic Radio Show  Denver CO
Happy, Healthy, Thin Radio Show  WI
Sacred Enlightenment Radio Show  Cheyenne WY
Psychic Dilemma Radio Show with Jenni B   Australia
Positive Power Chat with Wendy Wagoner  CA
Thems The Boss Radio Show  NY & TX 
KSEN Jerry Puffman Radio Show  Montana
Common Sense Radio Show with Phyllis King  Castro CA
Grand Dark Conspiracy Radio Show  NY
Real Talk Las Vegas Radio Show  NV
It’s My Business Radio Show
Triangle Variety Radio Show  NY
Lecture Hygiene Methodist Church Book Club  Berthid CO
Voice of America, Shining Bright Radio Show  Denver CO
Book Lovers Radio Show with Denise Turley  Dayton OH
Cruise Advocate Radio Show with Francine Silverman   NY 
Inner Views Radio Show with Kimmie Rose  CA 
Mile High Church Singles Group lecture (2x)
That’s What He Said Radio Show with John Fontane 
Ghost Whisperer Radio Show with Rachael Love 
Interview with Jeff Steinmann “ How To Quit Working”  St Louis MO
Mystical Cruising Radio Show with Robert  
Tell It Like It Is Radio Show
WTMT Radio, Mahogany & Fur Show  NY
Gondolier Sun Newspaper Features Editor Kim Cool  Venice FL (2x)
A1 Spotlight Radio Show
KSPA Radio with Jan Fowler for Seniors  Redlands CA
The Funky Writer Radio Show  NY
Paranormal View Radio Show
Hollis Chapman Radio Show
Jackaranda Public Library lecture  Venice FL
Sarasota Writers Connection with Susan Klaus  Sarasota FL (2x)
Carry On Harry Radio Show  Singapoure
The Seven Chakras Radio Show  Vancouver Canda
107.5 The Box  Tucson AZ
AME Radio Show  Tampa FL
The Author Show
Different Strokes for Different Folks
Tropic Tarot & Beyond Radio Show  North Port FL
TTR Unleashed
A Fine Time for Healing
Halls of Justus
Second Sight Radio Show NY
Journey Down the Rabbit Hole Radio Show
Unlocking The Truth with Dr. Lesley Radio Show  CA
Raw Relatioships Radio Show  Canada
Healthy Relationships Radio Show  Los Angeles CA
Soul Spark Radio Radio Sshow
All Business Media FM
April On The Edge Radio Show (Video)  San Diego CA