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When I finished the book “Soul Mate Connections” by Myrna Lou I was impressed by her ability to read palms, as well as more than a little curious as to what my palm(s) said about me.  
I requested a reading from Myrna Lou and must say I am more than impressed by the reading I received.  She was right on, down to the smallest details regarding my personality, my nature, my likes and dislikes, my health, my past and much more!
I would whole heartedly recommend her palmistry services to anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about themselves and who might want a glimpse into what the future might hold. 
Laurie F   Reno NV

I met Myrna Lou at the Fort Collins New West Fest in August 2012 and invited her to my home for a Palm Reading party in October 2012.  She told me that I would meet a second "love of my life", he would be between 50-52 years old before the end of the year.  Wow, I didn't believe her because the year was coming to an end and where would I meet this person? By Nov. 7, 2012, I met him!  He was 52!  We are so in sync and I am so happy that I have him in my life! 
Thank you, Myrna Lou for giving me hope!  It was fun to have you play a role in this love relationship!   
Marilou   Ft. Collins CO

Dear Myrna Lou,
Thank you for a wonderful palm reading. Everything you said was true. In my reading you talked about my job interview; you gave a dollar amount that I would earn, when I might start the new job and that I should have confidence going in. "Don't forget to wear a red suit jacket for the interview", you said. I did. You were right on. My new job starts next week! Thank you for sharing your gift with me.
Kris   Denver CO

Hi Myrna,
I wanted to thank you for a reading you gave me around the time I graduated high school (2001). I went to you with a friend, and I remember you being excited about all the things I would do with my life, and telling me about my love life (I would be married once, get divorced, but the next time would last), and my career (that it would be awesome!) I carried your words with me the last decade as I've gone out and pursued a really incredible career, lived all over the U.S., and fallen in love with everything I do. I was married once, and I'm not married again, but am in an absolutely incredible relationship. I am usually great at believing in myself, but your words have helped me when I've been feeling down and have helped me keep pursuing all the wonderful things I love, and that's been a great blessing to me. So thanks again, I hope you are doing well in my beautiful home town :)
Julia Skinner   Boulder CO

Myrna Lou, Thank you so much for my on-air palm reading on the Phyllis King Show today! The reading was spot on regarding the M on my hands. I am immensely grateful you shared your wisdom with me!  I hope to one day meet you in person and find out more, as you read in my palms, I absolutely have an interest in all things humanity, mind  body soul!  Thank you!!
Sachi Lee Los Angeles CA

Hello lovely lady,
You read my palm last Saturday afternoon and I feel like my life has already changed for the better.  The information you provided planted many seeds.  I am now more aware and alert to the bright possibilities that await me - in love, work and all other arenas along my journey.  You very aptly and correctly described my fundamental self - a woman I have grown to truly love and adore, warts and all! 
Take good care and all the best,
Kathleen Richardson   Denver CO

PS - I just finished reading your book -"Soul Mate Connections" - and I loved it.  The wisdom resonated deep within me and I could not put it down.  I now want to read everything you've written!  What do you suggest I pick up next?

From a Blog by Greg Giesen about his radio show:
Did you have any normal shows?
What’s normal? I try to make each show interesting, entertaining, and educational. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a show was the two times palm reader Myrna Lou Goldbaum came on. Her ability to read more than just our palms made for a lot of fun and laughter. And, by the way, I still have not become rich and famous like she guaranteed I would.
Greg Giesen host Castle Rock Radio Show   Castle Rock CO
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